Server Cloning with Presentation Server 4.x

I’ve been reading up on requirements and performance information for virtualizing Citrix servers.  I’ve actually been P2Ving a few – to save my Citrix guys from having to reinstall a bunch of legacy apps.  Even though all the recommendations I can find oppose this method, it appears to be successful in our environment.  Since there are a lot of dependencies and overlap we are in the habit of creating a pair or three Citrix servers for each legacy app.  This gave us redundancy at the app level but gave us more servers than we probably really need (since many of these applications are not heavily used).

One of the articles I was reading linked to this article on scaling out Citrix VM’s by cloning them:

Going forward I may use this to assist with cleanup of these old P2V’s.  As time permits we may rebuild one server and then clone copies if the app is heavily used.  If its not heavily used, we will probably rely on VMware’s HA to provide redundancy in case of hardware failure.

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