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VMware Skyline Insights API PowerShell Module

VMware Skyline is a proactive support tool to help customers avoid problems before they occur. More information on the service can be found here: One feature of this service is a GraphQL based API known as the Skyline Insights … Continue reading

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Uncovering missing Active Directory subnets with vRealize Log Insight

In a recent post ( I described an issue where authentication may not work as desired when Active Directory sites and Services Subnets are not properly defined. There is often a disconnect in large enterprises where network/subnet creation and active … Continue reading

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Domain Controllers and Micro-segmentation

I was recently reminded of the importance of Active Directory Sites and Services as it relates to micro-segmentation. I was working on an engagement where an organization wanted to implement a zero-trust / micro-segmentation policy by default. As part of … Continue reading

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Photon OS 4.0 Grow Filesystem using Logical Volume Management (LVM)

I recently needed to grow the file system on a Linux VM. I remembered writing a post on this before, so I headed here: Unfortunately this previous post assumed a non-LVM disk setup. I needed to increase the size of … Continue reading

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Horizon Virtual Desktop – Non Persistent Ubuntu 20.04

I recently built a new Ubuntu Desktop 20.04 machine to be used as an instant clone golden image for a Horizon 7.13 environment. I kept some notes on the steps I followed on my desktop, but after seeing a funny … Continue reading

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