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How vCenter assigns MAC addresses

I’ve recently posted several entries on MAC address conflicts within vCenter: Multiple vCenters and MAC address conflicts Virtual Machines with Duplicate MAC addresses If you look at the first post (and VMware KB 1024025) you’ll notice that vCenter uses a … Continue reading

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Virtual Machines with duplicate MAC addresses

I was recently asked if it would be possible for two virtual machines to be automatically assigned the same MAC addresses. Knowing that vCenter handles these assignments and ensures uniqueness, I figured it wouldn’t be possible…but it got me to … Continue reading

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Get-Beer Powershell function

Earlier in the week I had the privilege of presenting an introduction to Powershell/PowerCLI webex to a group of VMware customers. To help explain the Where-Object, Select-Object, and Sort-Object cmdlets, I thought it would be helpful to create a Get-Beer … Continue reading

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