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vSphere vCenter 5.0 SSL certificates

It seems every release of the VMware vSphere vCenter server service has more dependency on SSL.  I always replace the default self signed SSL certificates with ones created from an internal/trusted certificate authority.  There is a good four part guide to creating … Continue reading

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Multiple vCenters and MAC address conflicts

VMware KB article 1024025 explains an issue with MAC address conflicts due to multiple vCenter configurations with the same instance ID. Here is a technical description straight from the KB article: Each vCenter Server system has a vCenter Server instance … Continue reading

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Powershell title bar and profile

This is a very simple post, but it shows how to make the Powershell title bar contain useful information. By default the Powershell title contains the path to the powershell.exe file — here is an example: To make this more … Continue reading

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Simple examples of Powershell PSCustomObject

In most of my Powershell scripts I make use of the PSCustomObject to store results. The example I first learned (and use all the time) looks just like this: [cc lang=”Powershell”] $item = “” | Select Name, RAM, CPU $item.Name … Continue reading

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