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PowerCLI vCheck 5.45 – Updated export options

I started working on this update in the airport the Sunday before VMworld 2011. It is only a minor update to exporting the reports and sending email notifications. In this update, all of the code to send emails and/or export … Continue reading

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LDAP query performance

The other day I was having a discussion with a co-worker about Active Directory performance related to standard LDAP queries. The complaint (and basis for my involvement in the discussion) was based around poor LDAP performance, which was assumed to … Continue reading

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Network configuration missing from ESXi host

I came back from an awesome week at VMworld to find a very odd networking issue on several production ESXi 4.1 hosts. I first noticed that the hosts in question had an HA warning, so I attempted to ‘Reconfigure for … Continue reading

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PowerCLI vCheck and PowerShell 1.0 support

I’ve been looking at some of the vCheck 5 code looking for possible code improvements. There are a few changes that I believe could simplify the script, but require PowerShell v2. One that comes to mind would be using Send-MailMessage … Continue reading

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