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PowerCLI vCheck 5.47 – Additional RAM checks

Todays update includes two new sections to the general reporting section of the report. These sections are not configuration issues/problems, just additional information about your environment. # Version 5.47- bwuch: Added memory per cluster check provided by Ed # Version … Continue reading

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View 5.0 preseal-cleanup script

When composing a View Composer desktop there are a handful of tasks that need completed. I created a script to help me keep this quick and consistent: [cc lang=”dos”] REM Cleanup temp/log files del /s %temp%\*.* /q del “C:\Documents and … Continue reading

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Enable vSphere console copy/paste without power off — the PowerCLI way

I’ve had an ongoing love/hate relationship with security for years. Today it was heavy on the hate. I rarely have a need to copy/paste between my desktop and a VM console. I normally use some other method to connect to … Continue reading

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View 5.0 Upgrade issues

I recently upgraded a View 4.6 installation to 5.0. The update went pretty well until I went to update the View agent inside the desktop sources. The install kept failing with the following error message: Error 1722. There is a … Continue reading

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