View 5.0 preseal-cleanup script

When composing a View Composer desktop there are a handful of tasks that need completed. I created a script to help me keep this quick and consistent:

[cc lang=”dos”]
REM Cleanup temp/log files
del /s %temp%\*.* /q
del “C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\VMware\VDM\*.*” /q

REM Blank out the bginfo.bmp image while leaving permissions in tact
echo > C:\WINDOWS\bginfo.bmp

REM Delete the McAfee GUID…a new one will be issued at boot up
reg delete “HKLM\SOFTWARE\Network Associates\ePolicy Orchestrator\Agent” /v AgentGUID /f

REM Release the IP address
ipconfig /release

REM Shutdown the workstation
shutdown -s -t 5

Please leave a comment if there are any other ideas or additions you can think of!

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