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PowerCLI vCheck 5.40

The other day I noticed two bugs in version 5.38 of the vCheck script. This minor update resolves those bugs and adds a check for 4.1 hosts without Active Directory authentication configured. # Version 5.40- bwuch: Host version greater than/equal … Continue reading

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Export, Compare, and Synchronize Active Directory Schemas

I’ve had this link in my notes for a long time. I’ve only used it twice, but thought it was worth sharing. If you ever need to make a test Active Directory for some really crazy testing, and you’ve ever … Continue reading

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Configure virtual machine for nested ESX/ESXi with PowerCLI

I’ve been working with several scripts in a lab recently. Most of these labs require additional ESXi hosts (namely vCheck testing) so I’ve been propping up some nested ESXi virtual machines. When I create a virtual machine to run nested … Continue reading

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PowerCLI vCheck 5.38

It has been a little over 3 months since I’ve posted an update to vCheck. I still have some features and bug checks I’d like to add, but figured I’d share the current state. Here are the in-code comments for … Continue reading

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vSphere Snapshot Report

I have been working on addressing a comment I noticed on the Virtu-Al vCheck comments ( The issue relates to a warning message returned in the “checking snapshots” section: 10:58:25 AM ..Checking Snapshots WARNING: Unable to populate snapshot size due … Continue reading

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