vSphere Snapshot Report

I have been working on addressing a comment I noticed on the Virtu-Al vCheck comments (http://www.virtu-al.net/featured-scripts/vcheck/). The issue relates to a warning message returned in the “checking snapshots” section:

10:58:25 AM ..Checking Snapshots
WARNING: Unable to populate snapshot size due to unsiffucient permissions.

The existing code worked for me (I did not receive the above warning in any of my environments). The problem may be related to the version of PowerCLI [version 4.1 U1 build 332441 appears to work well]. The snapshot code inside vCheck is fairly complex, and I had some trouble following what was happening. After a few minutes of trying to following along I gave up and tried to write the same thing a different way. Here is the modified section that can be ran independently…troubleshootSnapshots.ps1

I’m looking for testers (again). If this code works for you, please let me know. If this code proves to work better I’ll update my version of vCheck to include the new method.

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