Add vRealize Log Insight endpoint to Skyline Collector

The Skyline Collector 3.3 release [release notes] recently added support for vRealize Log Insight / Aria Operations of Logs to the Skyline platform. As described in the release notes, only local authentication is supported in this release. I had not created a local user in vRealize Log Insight before, so this post will describe the process of where/how to complete this process.

Step 1:

In Log Insight, select Configure > SMTP Server and confirm that SMTP email configuration is defined for sending mail. If you need an easy SMTP server for your lab, check out the inbucket docker container, which is described in a previous post.

For reference, details on the Log Insight SMTP process are documented here:

Step 2:

Create a new user account in Log Insight. Note: this user name is case sensitive.

Select the View Only Admin role, which is defined here:

This will send an email to the address provided with a link that can be used to set the password for this user.

Step 3:

Check email provided for this new user and use the included link to set the account password.

Step 4:

Login to Skyline Collector 3.3 appliance. Click Configuration > Products > vRealize Log Insight > Add vRealize Log Insight. Enter your Log Insight hostname (or VIP) and the credentials for the user you configured in step 2. Remember, this username is case sensitive.

After a few minutes you should see a green check next to your new endpoint configuration. You can then check the Skyline Advisor in a few hours to confirm that everything is visible as expected.

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