Minor Update to vCheck 5.31 — beta testers required

I typically do not view my vCheck report as an email message…I have a link to the report on the home screen of my vSphere Client (if you’d like to see how to do that, please check out this post: http://enterpriseadmins.org/blog/scripting/vcheck-as-a-vsphere-client-solution-and-application/). However, I’ve noticed many comments requesting better email support. From my research, it appears that the problem is likely with Outlook 2007 — since it does not properly support all cascading style sheets (CSS) properties. After a little bit of testing, I believe I have found a rather simple way to work around this. The change adjusts the e-mail output and leaves the standard HTML output file alone.

This is a very minor change and I plan to include it in a future release. If you get a chance please test it out and report back if it works for you too.

Change line #2158 from

send-SMTPmail $EmailTo $EmailFrom "$VISRV vCheck Report" $SMTPSRV $MyReport


send-SMTPmail $EmailTo $EmailFrom "$VISRV vCheck Report" $SMTPSRV $MyReport.Replace("class=`"dsp ","class=`"")

This simply removes one of the CSS tags from the email message body, making the report easier to read from email clients (at this point the format has only been tested with Outlook 2007).

If you need a copy of the vCheck 5.31 version, you can get it here: http://enterpriseadmins.org/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/vCheck5.31.ps1_.txt

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3 Responses to Minor Update to vCheck 5.31 — beta testers required

  1. Tim says:

    I testing this with Outlook 2010 and it looks good!! Thanks for all the updates!!

  2. Gurusimran says:

    Tested with Outlook 2010 & 2007 and worked great. Thank you!

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