Upgrade Issues using Aria Suite Lifecycle 8.16

I recently upgraded to Aria Suite Lifecycle 8.16.0 in a lab and ran into issues upgrading various products it managed.

Aria Operations for Logs (formerly vRealize Log Insight) was being upgraded 8.14.0 to 8.16.0, but failed with error LCMVRLICONFIG40004

Aria Automation Config (formerly vRealize Salt Stack Config) was being upgraded from 8.14.1 to 8.16.1, but failed with error LCMUPGRADEVSSC10102

Aria Automation (formerly vRealize Automation) was being upgraded from 8.14.0 to 8.16.1, but failed with error LCMVRACONFIG50008

Aria Operations for Networks (formerly vRealize Network Insight) was being upgraded from 6.11.0 to 6.12.1, but failed with error LCMVRNICONFIG90115 (platform) and LCMVRNICONFIG90114 (collector)

In all four cases, the same KB article saved the day: https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/95835. Removing older ciphers for the SSH service allowed Aria Suite Lifecycle to connect/start/validate upgrade progress.

It took a bit of troubleshooting to figure this out, but ultimately it was the detailed error from the Ops for Logs failure that helped the most: com.vmware.vrealize.lcm.vrli.exception.VrliInvalidHostException: Cannot execute ssh commands. Exception encountered : Session.connect: java.security.spec.InvalidKeySpecException: key spec not recognized. This led me to looking for KB articles related to SSH for Aria products. I found KB 95835, tested it quickly and was then on my way. When I ran into the subsequent errors with Automation & Automation Config, I tried this same KB article with similar success.

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