Get-ESXCli and changes with vSphere 5.0

I mentioned in a previous post (VMware View inside vCloud Director) that we had to make a last minute change to the lab content on the fly. This change was to Exercise 11 that covers the Get-ESXCli cmdlet. I should mention that this is a change to ESXi — if you are using PowerCLI 5.0 to access a 4.1 host, you will need to use the 4.1 methods.

The PowerCLI 4.x lab can be found here: Demo Days 4: PowerCLI Lab
The PowerCLI 5.x lab can be found here: GCVMUG PowerCLI 5.0 Lab

After connecting to the ESXi hosts directly with connect-viserver, we get the ESXCli and assign it to a variable:

$esxcli = Get-ESXCli

The changes apply to how you access virtual machine information.

# ESXi 4.1:

# ESXi 5.0:

As you can see the root element for the VM namespace has changed as well as the child namespace. This has been updated in the lab and should be corrected for the next show.

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