Indianapolis VMUG Demo Days 4 PowerCLI Lab

Last week the Indianapolis VMware User Group hosted the 4th annual Demo Days event. I had the privilege of working with Ryan Birk (@rlbindy) and Jake Robinson (@jakerobinson) on the PowerCLI self paced lab. The purpose of this lab was to introduce people to vSphere management with PowerCLI, provide some examples to get you hooked, but not take up a lot of time (people wanted to hear expert speakers such as Scott Lowe, Mike Laverick, David Davis and Vaughn Stewart who had gathered for this event).

Jake created the following diagram of the vApp used in the labs:

As you can see, the lab consisted of a vCenter server, two virtualized ESXi hosts and a virtual shared storage appliance. Each seat in the lab connected over Remote Desktop to the vCenter server in a dedicated vApp:

We plan to make the content of this self paced lab available to everyone as soon as we work out some typos. Hopefully this should happen in the next week or so.

A special thanks goes to Bluelock ( for providing the virtual data center services and 10zig Technology ( for providing the thin client devices.

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