Lack of posts

I realized today that I hadn’t posted anything new since December. That’s four full months without a post… normally I would have averaged a dozen posts in this period of time. A few things have contributed to to this lack of posting.

  • Working on projects that really lack code worth sharing.  There were a few tips/tricks I picked up specifically around making graphical user interfaces with SAPIEN PowerShell Studio (that I plan to share soon) but overall the projects focused on solving very specific problems that don’t share well.
  • Book reviews.  I had the opportunity to review several vSphere related books for Packt Publishing.  This was an interesting project, but consumed some of the free time I used for blogging. I plan on posting reviews of these books soon.
  • A career change.  I accepted a promotion from a technical to managerial role.  This has been more of a change that I had anticipated and adjusting to the new demands has consumed some time.

Anyway, enough with excuses.  I have a few post ideas lined up and hope to have them out the door in the next few weeks.  Check back soon!

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