PowerCLI vCheck 5.44

It has been nearly three months since I last posted an update to vCheck, but I haven’t forgot about the script. Here are a couple of things I have been working on:

# Version 5.44- bwuch: cleaned up comments and logging
# Version 5.43- bwuch: resolved bug with "Host Build versions in use" counter
# Version 5.42- bwuch: Added Cluster BIOS Check
# Version 5.41- bwuch: Resolved PowerCLI 4.1 warning on line 1327 re: LunPath

5.41 – In response to a comment on vCheck 5.40, I’ve added a bug fix on what used to be line 1327. This bug fix prevents a warning when checking LUN Paths with the 4.1.1 version of PowerCLI.
5.42 – This is a newly added check that I thought was important. It validates that all nodes in a HA/DRS cluster are running the same BIOS versions. I’ve had a problem with BIOS updates causing PSODs and a specific issue with Dell blades where vMotion failed on one node of a cluster that had a newer BIOS than the other nodes.
5.43 – this is a minor cosmetic fix on the check for ESX/ESXi versions in use; when only one version was in use the counter in the header showed the number of hosts instead of the number of versions. This has been resolved.
5.44 – the console logging (using the Write-CustomOut function) was being called outside of the checks in certain cases. This caused the console to report checks were being performed that were not. This has been resolved. Additionally some unneeded code (which had been commented in several versions) has been removed from the code base.

You can download the updated version here: vCheck5.44.ps1
Please feel free to leave a comment with any suggestions or problems you may encounter.

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4 Responses to PowerCLI vCheck 5.44

  1. Bolsen says:

    Great to see ongoing support!

    Feature requests:

    – # Show virtual machines with resource limits – Change to only show VMs in which the resource limit is lower than configured memory.

    – Add check to list all machines with thin disks.

    – Add check to list datastores with continued latency above XXms.

    – Add check to find files on datastores that aren’t associated with a VM registered in vCenter (i.e. we need checks to find waste).

    – Add other checks to find waste i.e. too many vCPUs, guest VM hard disk is too big, too much RAM, etc.

    – Add “Top 10” lists. i.e Which machines are using the most performance and/or resources.

  2. Brian Black says:

    I like/second the idea of the “Top 10” lists (Top 10 CPU Hogs and Top 10 Memory Hogs)…probably up near the cluster summary section.

  3. Andreas says:

    Nice to see ongoing support. I came around while searching for an update because I had a Problem with the VCB Garbage check. But with Version 5.44 the Problem is still there. I have to change the conditional operator “-contains” to “-match” on line 2220 to get the Garbage Check working again. I don’t know why and when this check stopped working, my PowerShell knowledge is very low 😉 Maybe some one more experienced with it can check the “Garbage Check”.

  4. AlexL says:

    Great work on the script, really appreciate it.

    One small point: if you set $DisplayToScreen to $false no file is written to disk at all, perhaps add a parameter like $SaveReportToFolder or something like that

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