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One of the best scripts I have ever used is the vCheck daily report ( Not only does it show problems in your virtual infrastructure, it also shows the power of PowerCLI and PowerShell. A little over a month ago I decided I would attempt to learn more PowerCLI — but I needed a project to get me started. After a few days I decided to go through all of the comments on the vCheck daily report looking for feature requests. Right now my list has 54 items on it — with 21 marked as completed. Some of the feature requests are things I have added after looking at the script for a few hours and learning a bit more about PowerCLI.

If I had some more time I would keep working on these features. However, as luck would have it, I just bought my first home. Its about twenty years old or so and needs some minor work that I’m going to try and tackle myself. For the next month or two I’ll be working on a different list of feature requests — using tools other than PowerCLI.

I wanted to share the new features and the checklist I’ve been using as a baseline. Here is a listing of the new features:

# Version 5.21- bwuch: Change code to prevent warnings when running with PowerCLI 4.1.1
# Version 5.20- bwuch: Add PowerCLI Version check and vCenter Update Manager host baseline compliance
# Version 5.19- bwuch: QA/QC bug check fix data issues
# Version 5.18- bwuch: Added Guest OS pivot table
# Version 5.16- bwuch: Added host hardware check
# Version 5.15- bwuch: changed variable name on cluster cpu allocation ratio check
# Version 5.14- bwuch: fixed quotes on VM limit check
# Version 5.13- bwuch: added sort to old VM hardware check
# Version 5.12- bwuch: QA/QC bug check; minor cosmetic fixes
# Version 5.11- bwuch: Added check for cluster CPU allocation ratio (ie vCPU to pCore)
# Version 5.10- bwuch: Added option to include all headers -- even on tests that return no results
# Version 5.09- bwuch: Added several additional checks listed on my blog
# Version 5.08- bwuch: Added fix from Leo to check for Free Space instead of capacity
# Version 5.07- bwuch: Added check for VMTools that need updated; provided by kevin, slight update by Traveller
# Version 5.06- bwuch: Added comment on how to specify multiple NTP servers as suggested by Mark
# Version 5.05- bwuch: Added check for unwanted hardware as suggested by Jon
# Version 5.04- bwuch: Added fix for select-object statement provided by Ccalvin
# Version 5.03- bwuch: Add VM resource limit check using code provided by Ed.
# Version 5.02- bwuch: Show VCB garbage bug fix from rvdnieuwendijk
# Version 5.01- bwuch: Show overallocation bug fix from James Davis

Here are the files — version 5.21 of the script and the latest comments:

Edit: 2011/01/16 – Moved vCheck Comments/feature requests to Google Documents for easier maintenance.

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