VMworld 2012 – Powershell dinner

My favorite part of VMworld is the people you meet. Last week I was lucky enough to meet up with many powershell/PowerCLI experts and have some awesome discussions.

I wasn’t able to get everyones name/card, but I believe the first person in that picture is from Cisco, followed by Matt Boren (@mtboren), Eric Williams (@aeroic78), Dimitar Hristov, Alan Renouf (@alanrenouf), Hal Rottenberg (@halr9000), Luc Dekens (@LucD22), Josh Atwell (@Josh_Atwell), Brian Wuchner (@bwuch), Jonathan Medd (@jonathanmedd), Allen Crawford (@allen_crawford) and Clinton Kitson (@clintonskitson)

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  1. Alan Renouf says:

    This was my best part, thanks for attending !

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