BDEdrive on Windows Server 2008 R2

In one vSphere environment I support we do not use templates to deploy virtual machines. Instead, Microsoft Deployment Toolkit is used. This allows both physical and virtual servers to be created using the same process and improves overall standardization of the customers network.

After several dozen Windows 2008 R2 servers had been deployed, we realized that a BDEDrive partition had been created on the boot partition. This partition was in the way and prevented the C: drive from being extended. Here are steps to resolve this issue on existing servers

At a command prompt run:

bcdboot c:\windows /s c:

After the command completes, right click the c: partition in Disk Management and set it as active. Reboot the server, delete the BDEdrive partition and extend the C: drive…

More importantly, this issue needed addressed on future builds to allow more flexible growth of the C: drive (without the required reboot from above). After a quick Google, I found this article:… that describes adding the following text:


to the CustomSettings.ini file. As described in the article, the cAsE of the DoNotCreateExtraPartition=YES attribute is important. After our deployment configuration management team added this attribute the BDEdrive partition stopped appearing on new builds.

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    This is looks good to me you can also have a look on this link

    which has some more information about BDE Drive

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