SRM with vSphere Replication & the not so detailed exception

I have been working on an SRM lab for the Indianapolis VMUG Demo Day event — which is on Thursday July 26th. If you are going to be in the area you should check out this free event (please register at the following link:

This project has given me a lot of hands on lab time with SRM — specifically using vSphere Replication. The idea behind this lab is the planned migration from LegacyDC to VCENTER. After deploying and configuring the appliances and selecting ‘Configure VRMS Connection’ the following error appeared:

VRM Server generic error. Please check the documentation for any troubleshooting information. The detailed exception is: ‘legacydc’.

For a detailed exception that message lacks a lot of…uhmmm, well, detail. In this specific lab I did not have a DNS server and I figured it was possible that the VRMS appliance wasn’t able to resolve the name ‘legacydc’. I edited the /etc/hosts file on both appliances to include the names of each vCenter (legacydc and vcenter). The hosts file did the trick and I was able to configure VRMS connections.

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