Update to Enabling vSwitch CDP (vMA 4.1)

In a previous article Enabling vSwitch Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) I discussed enabling CDP on a standard vSwitch using vMA. Today I deployed the vMA 4.1 and started configuring an ESXi 4.1 host — only to find out that vifpinit had been deprecated in 4.1. Here is a slightly updated post that will do the same thing using the newer vifptarget command:

sudo vifp addserver esxhostname.domain.name --username "root" --password "MyAdminPassword01"
vifptarget --set esxhostname.domain.name
vicfg-vswitch -B both vSwitch0
vicfg-vswitch -b vSwitch0

I had a handful of hosts to configure and was able to paste the above block of code into vMA (using SSH) and configure all of them rather quickly.

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