vCenter Mobile Access (vCMA) tools upgrade

I recently went through and upgraded the VMware Tools on all of my virtual machines.  The only one I couldn’t get to work was my vCenter Mobile Access machine.  After some searching, I finally found this article on the VMware Communities site.  It took awhile to find, so I wanted to post the details here (so at least I can find them in the future).  Here is the source article with two takes on how to complete this task:

And here is a copy of the instructions for future reference:

  1. Shutdown the VCMA guest and add a “client” CD ROM to the VCMA appliance and power-on
  2. Snapshot the vCMA machine so you can undo if there are any problems!
  3. Create a directory for mount point
  4. mkdir /mnt/cdrom
  5. Select “VM->Guest->Install/Upgrade VMware Tools” from the console menu
  6. Copy the VMwareTools to the /tmp directory
  7. cp /mnt/cdrom/VMwareTools-4*.gz /tmp
  8. On the vCMA server console install the The World-Wide Web library for Perl.
  9. yum install perl-libwww-perl
  10. Extract the contents of the VMwareTools-4.0.0-164009.tar.gz file in the /tmp directory.
  11. tar zxf /tmp/VMwareTools-4.0.0-164009.tar.gz
  12. Uninstall the previous version of VMware Tools using the uninstaller from the latest version. The uninstall script wasn’t left from the initial install.
  13. /tmp/vmware-tools-distrib/bin/
  14. Install the latest version accepting the defaults.
  15. /tmp/vmware-tools-distrib/
  16. Reboot the vCMA server.
  17. shutdown -r now
  18. If everything works correctly remove the snapshot.
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