VMware Tools and VMware vCenter Server Appliance

As part of my series on installing VMware Tools on virtual appliances, I wanted to post an article on the VMware vCenter Server Appliance. The instructions for this topic are identical to the VMware Tools and vCO Appliance post.

There is one caveat, that actually applies to all the recent posts on this topic. When using zypper to install GCC, you’ll need internet connectivity and a correctly configured IP stack in your virtual appliance. This means you need an IP address, gateway and DNS name resolution. If you are using a static IP address or need to manually specify one of these values, you can do it with the vami_config_net command that ships with the virtual appliance. From the console or an ssh session simply execute the following command:


This wizard will help configure network settings which will be required for zypper to work correctly.

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